• Can I visit and experience these facilities?
    We welcome facility tours and complementary trial lessons at any time. To apply, please use the dedicated form provided.
    ・Click here for the inquiry form
    ・Click here for information on each center
  • Can I join anytime?
    Enrollment is open throughout the year. However, if a class reaches its maximum capacity, we might have to decline your request. Please keep this in mind.
  • From what day of the week can I come?
    Please contact us for specific details, as each center has its own schedule.
    To ensure seamless English immersion and proficiency, we recommend attending classes as frequently as possible every week.
  • Can siblings be in the same class?
    Siblings within the eligible age group for a class are welcome to join together.
    Additionally, we offer discounts for siblings attending together.
  • Is it possible to attend multiple classes?
    Absolutely, you can participate in multiple classes, such as combining Preschool and After School. You can find the class list here.
  • What is the procedure for joining?
    Begin by requesting material and applying for a trial lesson. Please refer to this link for further details.
  • If I miss a class due to work or illness, is it possible to make it up?
    If you wish to reschedule, please contact us by the day before. However, accommodating your request may depend on class availability.
    Please note that same-day changes cannot be accommodated.
  • What should I do if I want to take a long vacation?
    You can utilize our leave system. Please submit the necessary documents by the 25th of the month prior to vacation.
    During the recess, securing your class enrollment requires payment of 25% of the monthly fee (for multi-month absences) as an enrollment fee.
    Additionally, you must pay the monthly fee for the month of your planned return.
  • Do I need a bank account to pay monthly fees?
    Monthly payment via account transfer is convenient and recommended.
  • Please let me know the deadline for payment of the admission and monthly fees.
    Admission fees should be paid upon application. Monthly fees are due by the 27th of each month for the following month.
  • My child wears diapers, can I still attend class?
    You can still enroll in our classes. Please make sure to prepare a diaper for changing when needed.
  • How do you deal with allergies and chronic illnesses?
    During enrollment, we request documents about your child’s health.
    If your child requires special attention in class due to allergies or chronic illnesses, we will gather detailed information and take appropriate measures to ensure their well-being.
  • What if I can’t bring my lunch from home?
    We offer a catering service for lunches.
  • Do you have classes that I can attend on Saturdays?
  • What kind of activities do you have?
    We offer a diverse range of activities including music, dancing, park time, arts and crafts, group games, role-playing, games, and storytelling. These activities, along with seasonal events and outdoor experiences (Higashiazabu only), help nurture children’s interest.
  • Is it possible for parents to observe the class?
    Parents can watch their children’s class in real time through a live camera while ensuring that children can focus on their lessons without being aware of their parents’ presence.
  • Do you have a pick-up service?
    We offer a bus pick-up service exclusively in the Gotanda/Higashiazabu area.
    This service is convenient for busy mornings and evenings, with staff responsible for the safe transportation of your children.
    We prioritize safety through triple checks and enhanced bus security.
  • How is hygiene in the classroom managed?
    Our member staff takes care of cleaning at each facility to maintain a safe and hygienic environment for your child.
    You can trust the cleanliness of our facilities.
  • Can you issue a letter of recommendation that is necessary for applying to an international school?
    Certainly, we can provide a letter of recommendation.
    Feel free to reach out to the Center Manager if you require one.
  • Is the facility eligible for free early childhood education and childcare?
    Yes, Kids International is eligible for free early childhood education and childcare.
    Children aged 3 and above who require childcare are eligible for free services.
    For specific subsidy details, please contact your local municipality.
  • How should parents/guardians contact you?
    We have introduced a parent contact app called “Kodomon.”
    Additionally, you can reach us via phone or email. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for any inquiries.


Please use the inquiry form for complementary trial lessons, requesting materials, and other inquiries.