First Adventure

Venturing into the company of a foreign teacher without parents marks children’s initial adventure. Engaging in activities involving physical movement, songs, crafts, and more, they intuitively grasp English’s distinct rhythms and sounds in an enjoyable manner.
This experience also serves as a precursor to preschool, addressing parental concerns like “Will my kids be able to fit in with their peers?”

Service Center: All Centers
*Service Alias:
Preschool 1, Exclusive to Higashiazabu Center
Readiness Class, Exclusive to Shinagawa Center and Shirokanedai Center
  • ages 1 years 6 months to 2 years 6 months
  • 110 mins


  • Basic
    spoken English skills Initially, children practice communication with a native teacher using fundamental words and phrases. This interaction enhances their enthusiasm for learning English.
  • Exposure
    to the outside world ” First Adventure” serves as their inaugural experience of separation from their mother. It facilitates learning cooperation with peers and staff, fostering self-sufficiency.
  • Preparation
    for preschool This course effectively readies students for preschool. They grasp concepts like colors, shapes, numbers, and words related to monthly themes.
    Additionally, they cultivate skills in cooperation, class interaction, and readiness for extended lessons.


Sample schedule, subject to slight variations based on the center.

  • 10:00 Free Play Time

    Free Play Time

    Free play time encourages children to interact with friends independently. Children can select their favorite toys and picture books, relax, and naturally adapt to the English environment.

  • 10:20 Circle Time

    Circle Time

    Circle time marks the start of an enjoyable class. Participants gather in a large circle and sing a song. Each child takes a turn, offering basic greetings like “How are you?” and “Happy!” along with sharing their name. Additionally, flashcards will be utilized to introduce words aligned with the monthly theme.

  • 10:35 Songs and Movements

    Songs and Movements

    Engage with English through expressive body movements synced with the music. Over time, Children will find yourself recalling beloved tunes and occasionally humming them to yourself.

  • 10:50 Toilet & Snack Time

    Toilet & Snack Time

    “Tea, please.” “Snack, please.” Afterward, we practice “Hands on your knees” to wait patiently until everyone is ready. Even while enjoying snacks, English phrases like “Yummy!” naturally fill the air.

  • 11:20 Activity / Story Time

    Activity / Story Time

    Activity Time

    Engaging in easy crafts and games aligned with the monthly theme. Sticking stickers, painting with various materials, and immersing in crafts bring out English naturally. The best part is the smile when the project is complete.

    Story Time

    As the teacher presents the picture book, children instinctively gather around. Swiftly, they enter the realm of picture books, guided by the distinctive rhythm of English. The teacher narrates the story in a relaxed ambiance.

  • 11:40 Sticker & Good-Bye Time / Explanation to Parents

    Sticker & Good-Bye Time / Explanation to Parents

    Place stickers on attendance notes and conclude the lesson with a good-bye song.During this period, native teachers and bilingual staff will provide explanations about the day’s lessons to parents.

Extended Care Service for Busy Parents

We offer a flexible temporary storage service (fee-based) in 30-minute increments.
Pickup and drop-off times can be customized to accommodate parents’ work and family schedules.
This service is conducted in an immersive “English” environment, allowing children to practice the language skills learned in class.
It’s a convenient service that enhance your child’s English proficiency.


  • Our Unique Curriculum

    Original Curriculum

    Our Unique Curriculum

    Aligned with the curriculum, we employ Kids International’s exclusive teaching materials, supplemented by take-home resources for practicing class activities at home. Through a collaborative effort between the school and families, we provide robust support for your child’s English learning journey.
    (*Photo for illustrative purposes)


Developing social and cognitive skills through English learning

After school, my child continues to engage in English conversations at home. The experience goes beyond language acquisition, also fostering skills in group learning, critical thinking, and interpersonal interactions.

Parents of Y.F-chan (2 years old) First Adventure


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