• Enjoyable English learning for parents and children

    As newcomers to an English-speaking environment, both parents and children found joy in the daily exploration of new words and phrases. The experience of learning together was delightful, and now, we even enjoy watching movies and animations to continue our English learning journey in an enjoyable and interactive way.

    Parents of K.T (3 years old) Preschool

  • Developing social and cognitive skills through English learning

    After school, my child continues to engage in English conversations at home. The experience goes beyond language acquisition, also fostering skills in group learning, critical thinking, and interpersonal interactions.

    Parents of Y.F-chan (2 years old) First Adventure

  • Dedicated teachers nurturing individuality with joy

    Our initially shy child quickly grew fond of the school. The teachers’ approach, focusing on play-based learning rather than traditional lectures, made a lasting impression. Activities with teachers are cherished, and our child’s growth has been significant since joining the school. We are genuinely pleased with this positive transformation.

    Parents of R.O (4 years old) Preschool

  • The staff and teachers always welcome me with a smile, and I enjoy going to school.

    Our child joined the program upon entering kindergarten. The warm reception from the staff and teachers consistently brings a smile to our child’s face, making attendance a joy. The range of activities offered is rich and eagerly anticipated each year. Our child, who has a cousin living abroad, can now engage in simple everyday English conversations upon their return to Japan. We’ve also incorporated an English app at home to further exposure to the language.

    Parents of R.H (6 years old) After School 1-3

  • I sense a genuine openness and warmth towards children

    The foreign teachers come across as kind and respectful in their interactions, while the Japanese teachers converse with the children in fluent English. This creates a bright and accepting atmosphere for the kids. I believe it would be wonderful for more people to experience the joy of communicating with individuals from around the world when considering future career options.

    Parents of E.K (5 months old) and S.K (4 years old) Baby Steps

  • It very convenient and user-friendly, so I have recommended it to many friends around me

    The classroom atmosphere is always cheerful. From the classes to the child care, you can hear the children happily singing and speaking English. Enrolling children in an English-only environment from a young age is highly recommended. There aren’t many places that accept children as young as 1 year old, so it’s truly helpful. Kids International is a place where you can start with just one day a week, and it’s incredibly user-friendly. That’s why I have been recommending it to many friends.

    Parents of K.M (1 year old) First Adventure

  • Every classroom is equipped with a webcam, which adds an extra layer of safety

    While it’s crucial for my child to enjoy learning English, what’s equally important is the cleanliness of the center and the kindness of the teachers. These factors give him peace of mind whenever I leave my child there. The presence of web cameras in each classroom is also a significant safety measure. I trust that my child is in good hands and I don’t need to watch all the time. This assurance is greatly appreciated, and I can check in anytime I want.

    Parents of R.C (1 year old) First Adventure

  • It’s the perfect approach to learn practical English in a natural and enjoyable native environment

    I’m convinced that the level of English proficiency a child attains greatly depends on the amount of time they spend immersed in the language. By attending classes, kids benefit not only from absorbing information but also from actively using English. I believe sending them to the classroom is a valuable way to enhance their English skills. Kids International offers the perfect environment for learning authentic English in a native setting.

    Parents of Y.W (3 years old) Preschool

  • The staff’s attentive and personalized approach is truly reassuring

    The manager, teachers, and entire staff pay keen attention not only to their own children but also to the unique qualities, disparities, and individual personalities of each child. I often witness them offering considerate responses tailored to every child’s needs. This level of attentiveness is quite remarkable. I believe this aspect provides significant peace of mind when selecting a school for our children.

    Parents of E.M (4 years old) Preschool Plus

  • We are thrilled with the authentic English environment provided by the school

    As parents, we find it challenging to create an English-rich environment at home. Therefore, we greatly appreciate the opportunity for our child to learn in a native environment. Initially, we wondered if a 2-hour class might be too long, but thanks to the dedicated teachers, our child not only enjoys learning but also benefits from it immensely. The comprehensive explanations provided after each lesson demonstrate the teachers’ dedication.

    Parents of K (6 years old) After School 1-3

  • The “native environment” has significantly improved my child’s speaking skills

    Initially, there were instances where my child struggled to understand the teacher’s instructions. However, after consistently attending classes and immersing in the native environment, my child’s vocabulary has expanded to cover daily conversations. I am delighted to observe substantial improvement in my child’s listening skills. Looking ahead, I am convinced that an environment rich in native language exposure is pivotal for enhancing language output.”

    Parents of R.T (6 years old) After School 1-3

  • Engaging with Eiken has become enjoyable, and it has sparked his motivation to take on further challenges

    As my child prepared for his first interview in grade 3, there were initial concerns. However, the guidance provided by the teachers on how to introduce oneself and navigate through the interview process made it all comprehensible and straightforward. This support played a crucial role in alleviating any nervousness and enabled my child to approach the challenge with a calm and relaxed demeanor. Moreover, the positive experience of working on the Eiken exams has infused an element of enjoyment, boosting his motivation to embrace future challenges.

    Parents of M.M (6 years old) Eiken Preparatory Course

  • Personalized approach to addressing weaknesses and enhancing strengths

    We greatly appreciate the enthusiastic and considerate guidance provided by the teachers. Despite the availability of textbooks, the instructors have gone beyond standardized teaching methods. They’ve meticulously designed a curriculum tailored to our daughter’s needs, placing emphasis on addressing her weak areas and honing her strengths. The assurance of receiving feedback after each class has been invaluable, and the precise guidance provided for at-home study has been immensely helpful in ensuring her progress.

    Parents of H.K (5 years old) Eiken Preparatory Course

  • Fostering a growing love for English

    From struggling with writing to now confidently formulating thoughts and expressions, our child’s journey at Kids International has been remarkable.

    Parents of N.T (7 years old) Eiken Preparatory Course

  • Enthusiastic about Eiken classes

    Our child thoroughly enjoys their Eiken classes and has developed a strong fondness for their Eiken teacher. They are now progressing to the next level.

    Parents of S.O (6 years old) Eiken Preparatory Course

  • Participating in the Eiken Jr. preparation course has significantly enhanced my English vocabulary.

    The class allowed her to enjoy learning words and phrases relevant to my daily life, which boosted her self-confidence. As a result, she is motivated to take on the full Eiken test next time.

    Parents of R.I (6 years old) Eiken Jr. Preparatory Course

  • Demonstrates eagerness to “advance to the next level”

    This was our first experience with the exam, and we were pleasantly surprised by the outcome. Alongside regular classes, our child took Eiken classes, and the results far exceeded our expectations. After the test, our child expressed a strong desire to “move on to the next level,” so we’re eager to provide more opportunities for challenging themselves in the future.

    Parents of R.S (7 years old) Eiken Jr. Preparatory Course

  • Building confidence and a love for English

    We’ve noticed our daughter’s growth, and we credit her hardworking teachers at Kids International for fostering that. Our daughter has gained more confidence and developed a stronger fondness for English. It’s truly heartwarming to witness. We’re enthusiastic about continuing this journey of growth and exploration.

    Parents of A.K (5 years old) Eiken Jr. Preparatory Course

  • Boosting Confidence Through Eiken Jr.

    We’re delighted that the Eiken Jr. course has had a positive impact on our child’s confidence in English.

    Parents of M.N (5 years old) Eiken Jr. Preparatory Course

  • Not only my daughters but we, parents, are fond of the teachers

    My daughters have been attending Kids International since preschool. No one in our family speak English, yet our daughters now speak English that is praised even by native English speakers. When they try Eiken 3rd practice, they get almost everything correct. We are so thankful to Kids International for helping them to acquire practical English skill without English-speaking parents.
    Not only my daughters but we, parents, are fond of the teachers. It is reassuring to have them to talk to about parenting. The school offers a wonderful environment where my daughters can make friends with children from different countries, which makes it fun for them to attend every day.

    Parents of H.C(11 years old)and Y.C(9 years old)After School 1-3


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