Baby Steps

Parents and children engage in this class, led by a foreign teacher. It introduces practical parenting English and plays relevant to daily life, featuring various activities aligned with developmental stages.
Experiencing live English during this phase lays a crucial groundwork for future language acquisition.

Service Centers: All Centers except Nishikasai
  • ages 6 months to 2 years
  • 50 mins


  • Engaging
    English experience
    through sensory exploration We offer engaging lessons that spark your child’s interests and engage their senses, making English enjoyable.
  • Interaction
    with the surrounding environment Your child’s initial exposure to English is vital for building interest and embracing diversity.
  • Introduction
    to parenting-related English ” Baby Step” is a class where parents and children join to explore practical parenting English and activities suited to different developmental stages.


Sample schedule, subject to slight variations based on the center.

  • 12:10 Free Play Time

    Free play time initiates the day with a relaxed atmosphere. Children engage in imaginative play, reading, and block activities to explore their interests. It also offers parents a chance to interact with teachers and connect with other parents, fostering a supportive community.

  • 12:20 Circle Time

    Circle time marks the start of an enjoyable class where everyone gathers in a circle to sing songs and enthusiastically greet the teacher.

  • 12:25 Songs and Movements

    Music plays a vital role in our classes for young children. Through music, parents and children engage with English sounds and rhythms, fostering an English environment that can be easily recreated at home.

  • 12:40 Activity / Story Time

    Activity Time

    Engage in straightforward crafts and games tailored to the monthly theme. Apply stickers, experiment with diverse art materials, and relish English-based activities alongside parents.

    Story Time

    Appreciate colorful images, hum rhythmic words, and enjoy dynamic expressions and voices. Share the delight of English picture books with your child.

  • 12:55 Sticker & Good-Bye Time

    Place stickers on attendance notes and conclude the lesson with a good-bye song.

Extended Care Service for Busy ParentsChildcare

We offer a flexible temporary storage service (fee-based) in 30-minute increments.
Pickup and drop-off times can be customized to accommodate parents’ work and family schedules.
This service is conducted in an immersive “English” environment, allowing children to practice the language skills learned in class.
It’s a convenient service that enhance your child’s English proficiency.


  • Our Unique Curriculum

    Original Curriculum

    Our Unique Curriculum

    Aligned with the curriculum, we employ Kids International’s exclusive teaching materials, supplemented by take-home resources for practicing class activities at home. Through a collaborative effort between the school and families, we provide robust support for your child’s English learning journey.
    (*Photo for illustrative purposes)


I sense a genuine openness and warmth towards children

The foreign teachers come across as kind and respectful in their interactions, while the Japanese teachers converse with the children in fluent English. This creates a bright and accepting atmosphere for the kids. I believe it would be wonderful for more people to experience the joy of communicating with individuals from around the world when considering future career options.

Parents of E.K (5 months old) and S.K (4 years old) Baby Steps


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