After School 4

This class aims to develop students’ independent reading, writing, and thinking abilities in English, enabling them to express themselves effectively. Through themed monthly discussions, students acquire practical English expressions.

Service Centers: All Centers
  • kindergarten children and older children
  • 120 mins


  • Communicate
    thoughts effectively The goal is to communicate thoughts and feelings to native teachers and peers proficiently. Expressing opinions appropriately is crucial for children’s future success on the global stage.
  • Learn
    diverse subjects using English After School 4 features the Book Project, enhancing communication and presentation skills through themed discussions and presentations.
  • Strive
    for advanced English skills After School 4 features the Book Project, enhancing communication and presentation skills through themed discussions and presentations.


Sample schedule, subject to slight variations based on the center.

  • 16:15 Entrance Warm-up

    It’s time to prepare for class while communicating in English with native teachers and friends.
    Homework will be checked during this time.

  • 16:25 Circle Time

    Engage in discussions with native teachers and friends to share your understanding of the monthly theme and the lessons you’ve learned in class.

  • 16:45 Textbook Time

    Utilize the provided text to grasp essential grammar concepts. Strengthening your grasp of grammar will enhance your child’s reading comprehension and enable you to construct accurate sentences.

  • 17:15 Break Time

  • 17:20 Activity Time

    Each month, we’ll present a book related to the theme. Engage in worksheets, crafts, science experiments, math challenges, and geography activities aligned with the book.
    Expand your child’s vocabulary and grasp new expressions through these engaging activities.

  • 17:50 Book Project

    We select books suitable for your child’s reading level and conduct book presentations every two months.
    Leading up to the presentation, we collaboratively work with native teachers and friends to comprehend the content and create materials for an engaging experience.

  • 18:10 Sticker & Good-Bye Time / Explanation to Parents

    As the lesson concludes, we affix attendance stickers, tidy up, and prepare to depart.
    During this time, native teachers and bilingual staff will brief parents on the day’s activities and lessons.

Extended Care Service for Busy Parents

We offer a flexible temporary storage service (fee-based) in 30-minute increments.
Pickup and drop-off times can be customized to accommodate parents’ work and family schedules.
This service is conducted in an immersive “English” environment, allowing children to practice the language skills learned in class.
It’s a convenient service that enhance your child’s English proficiency.


  • Our Unique Curriculum

    Original Curriculum

    Our Unique Curriculum

    Aligned with the curriculum, we employ Kids International’s exclusive teaching materials, supplemented by take-home resources for practicing class activities at home.
    Through a collaborative effort between the school and families, we provide robust support for your child’s English learning journey.
    (*Photo for illustrative purposes)

  • Raz-Kids



    Our curriculum features the acclaimed online learning tool, Raz-Kids, utilized in the U.S. Each student has an account, enabling access to appropriate-level books for home study.
    Moreover, teachers assess reading proficiency during free play sessions.


The “native environment” has significantly improved my child’s speaking skills

Initially, there were instances where my child struggled to understand the teacher’s instructions. However, after consistently attending classes and immersing in the native environment, my child’s vocabulary has expanded to cover daily conversations. I am delighted to observe substantial improvement in my child’s listening skills. Looking ahead, I am convinced that an environment rich in native language exposure is pivotal for enhancing language output.”

Parents of R.T (6 years old) After School 1-3


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