After School 3

The objective is for children to express familiar topics through simple sentences, encompassing listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.
We explore various engaging and relatable themes, striving to enhance English proficiency while nurturing their intellectual curiosity.

Service Centers: All Centers
  • kindergarten children and older children
  • 120 mins


  • Gain
    conversational fluency The goal is to foster independent conversations, encouraging students to express thoughts and additional insights, rather than just responding to native teachers and staff.
  • Develop
    reading and writing skills Children aim to build memory recall for vocabulary and sentence construction, and enhance accurate pronunciation and reading comprehension.
  • Cultivate
    intellectual curiosity After School 3 introduces new subjects like math and geography, expanding horizons and nurturing curiosity through diverse activities.


Sample schedule, subject to slight variations based on the center.

  • 16:00 Entrance Warm-up

    Before the class begins, we’ll have an English warm-up session where children can chat with your teacher and friends. Additionally, we’ll assess your reading level using online resources called “Raz Kids.”

  • 16:15 Circle Time & Introducing Time

    We will introduce themes that will interest children, such as seasons, nature, and things that allow children to experience different cultures from various countries around the world.
    Practice answering concisely to various questions based on the theme.

  • 16:35 Textbook Time

    Engage in speaking practice using the introduced “key phrases.” Repeat reading the text’s phrases to naturally internalize them.

  • 16:50 Toilet Time

  • 17:00 Academic Time

    Acquire “Sight Words,” which are taught to American elementary students, through a custom workbook.
    Furthermore, enhance your skills by forming sentences using these Sight Words.

  • 17:20 Reading Time

    Enhance reading skills by engaging with texts containing simple sentences and clear images.
    Through this approach, children will learn diverse expressions and comprehend the content effectively.

  • 17:30 Enrichment Time

    Engage in math and science activities to acquire expressions beyond everyday conversation. Building on After School 1 and 2, explore diverse global cultures, enhancing cross-cultural awareness.
    Learn a variety of subjects in English and foster your intellectual curiosity.

  • 17:55 Sticker & Good-Bye Time / Explanation to Parents

    As the lesson concludes, we affix attendance stickers, tidy up, and prepare to depart.
    During this time, native teachers and bilingual staff will brief parents on the day’s activities and lessons.

Extended Care Service for Busy Parents

We offer a flexible temporary storage service (fee-based) in 30-minute increments.
Pickup and drop-off times can be customized to accommodate parents’ work and family schedules.
This service is conducted in an immersive “English” environment, allowing children to practice the language skills learned in class.
It’s a convenient service that enhance your child’s English proficiency.


  • Our Unique Curriculum

    Original Curriculum

    Our Unique Curriculum

    Aligned with the curriculum, we employ Kids International’s exclusive teaching materials, supplemented by take-home resources for practicing class activities at home.
    Through a collaborative effort between the school and families, we provide robust support for your child’s English learning journey.
    (*Photo for illustrative purposes)

  • Raz-Kids



    Our curriculum features the acclaimed online learning tool, Raz-Kids, utilized in the U.S. Each student has an account, enabling access to appropriate-level books for home study.
    Moreover, teachers assess reading proficiency during free play sessions.


We are thrilled with the authentic English environment provided by the school

As parents, we find it challenging to create an English-rich environment at home. Therefore, we greatly appreciate the opportunity for our child to learn in a native environment. Initially, we wondered if a 2-hour class might be too long, but thanks to the dedicated teachers, our child not only enjoys learning but also benefits from it immensely. The comprehensive explanations provided after each lesson demonstrate the teachers’ dedication.

Parents of K (6 years old) After School 1-3


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