After School 1

Immersed in an all-English environment, students engage with English through diverse activities, from nature observation to exploring various cultures.
This broad exposure allows them to interact with English across various domains. Alongside honing “listening and speaking” skills, students also establish a foundation in “reading and writing.”

Service Centers: All Centers
  • kindergarten children and older children
  • 120 mins


  • Focus
    on phonics basics Phonics is pivotal in mastering English pronunciation, reading, and writing. After School 1 centers on grasping fundamental phonics through flashcards and songs.
  • Introduction
    to alphabet reading and writing Within After School 1, students delve into English reading and writing. Using customized worksheets and texts, they aim to confidently write both uppercase and lowercase letters, along with their names.
  • Explore
    cultures from around the world We dedicate time to exploring foreign cultures and traditions, offering children insights into global lifestyles and foods. These experiences not only spark intellectual curiosity but also expand their horizons.


Sample schedule, subject to slight variations based on the center.

  • 15:20 Free Play Time

    Free Play Time

    Before the class begins, we’ll have an English warm-up session where you can chat with your teacher and friends. Additionally, we’ll assess your reading level using online resources called “Raz Kids.”

  • 15:35 Circle Time & Introducing Time

    Circle Time & Introducing Time

    We will introduce themes that will interest children, such as seasons, nature, and things that allow you to experience different cultures from various countries around the world. Practice answering concisely to various questions based on the theme.

  • 16:00 Songs and Movements

    Songs and Movements

    Now it’s time to have fun singing and dancing, matching the theme of each month.

  • 16:20 Toilet & Snack Time

  • 16:35 Alphabet & Phonics Time

    Alphabet & Phonics Time

    During this activity, children will encounter various alphabets. It’s not just about identifying letters; thye will also learn the sounds with phonics and practice reading the letters.
    We’ll also include matching games with alphabet cards to reinforce phonics skills.

  • 16:40 Writing Time

    Writing Time

    Utilize the custom worksheets to distinguish between uppercase and lowercase letters of the alphabet. Additionally, weekly homework assignments will enhance comprehension and expedite learning progress.

  • 16:50 Activity Time

    Activity Time

    Craft and Games

    Discover vocabulary through engaging themed activities such as crafts and games. Our use of diverse materials enhances sensory experiences, aiding self-expression and creativity.


    Explore cultures and customs of different countries through interactive lessons. The original course book introduces country names and national flags to enhance awareness.

  • 17:05 Story Time


    Engaging with picture books fosters English language acquisition and nurtures creativity. This period is crucial for expressing our surroundings using words encountered in the books.
    After School 1 employs “Sight Word Reader,” a visual tool for learning English words from picture books.

  • 17:15 Sticker & Good-Bye Time / Explanation to Parents


    As the lesson concludes, we affix attendance stickers, tidy up, and prepare to depart. During this time, native teachers and bilingual staff will brief parents on the day’s activities and lessons.

Extended Care Service for Busy Parents

We offer a flexible temporary storage service (fee-based) in 30-minute increments.
Pickup and drop-off times can be customized to accommodate parents’ work and family schedules.
This service is conducted in an immersive “English” environment, allowing children to practice the language skills learned in class.
It’s a convenient service that enhance your child’s English proficiency.


  • Our Unique Curriculum

    Original Curriculum

    Our Unique Curriculum

    Aligned with the curriculum, we employ Kids International’s exclusive teaching materials, supplemented by take-home resources for practicing class activities at home.
    Through a collaborative effort between the school and families, we provide robust support for your child’s English learning journey.
    (*Photo for illustrative purposes)

  • Raz-Kids



    Our curriculum features the acclaimed online learning tool, Raz-Kids, utilized in the U.S. Each student has an account, enabling access to appropriate-level books for home study.
    Moreover, teachers assess reading proficiency during free play sessions.


Dedicated teachers nurturing individuality with joy

Our initially shy child quickly grew fond of the school. The teachers’ approach, focusing on play-based learning rather than traditional lectures, made a lasting impression. Activities with teachers are cherished, and our child’s growth has been significant since joining the school. We are genuinely pleased with this positive transformation.

Parents of R.O (4 years old) Preschool


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