Numerous Accomplishments
with Exceptional English Proficiency

Our unique curriculum has honed over two decades of operational expertise specializing in early childhood education. With tailored age- and proficiency-level-based classes, children do not just enjoy their lessons but progress towards achieving “exceptional English proficiency” in stages.
Our exceptional program empowers students with world-class English skills, as evidenced by their successful placement in renowned schools such as Aoba International.

Numerous Accomplishments with Exceptional English Proficiency

Nurturing Individuality
in a Truly Diverse Atmosphere

Kids International boasts of a team of staff from diverse nationalities, cultures, and backgrounds. Our enrollment does not only include Japanese children; we welcome children from various nations.
This creates an environment rich in diverse atmospheres, provides a precious opportunity to cultivate skills essential for thriving on a global stage.
Embracing differences in a positive light and actively enjoying them fosters the development of each child’s unique individuality.

Nurturing Individuality in a Truly Diverse Atmosphere

Exploring Interests
Through a Rich Array of
Sensory-stimulating Activities

Kids International offers sensory-rich experiences, including seasonal events, outdoor activities (exclusive to Higashiazabu), and engagement with arts and sports professionals.
Our focus extends beyond English and aims to broaden children’s interests through diverse encounters. These experiences enable children to uncover their passions and pursue them wholeheartedly.

Exploring Interests Through a Rich Array of Sensory-stimulating Activities

Experts in Fostering
Self-assurance with Professionalism

Our staff members are not only skilled in English education and safety management, but also adept at understanding children’s cognitive growth.
Through kindness and respect, we foster children’s inner calmness, self-assuredness, and self-validation.
We offer support to enhance self-esteem, foster strong self-identity, and empower children to thrive on a global stage.

Experts in Fostering Self-assurance with Professionalism

SERVICES Ideal for dual-income families

  • Free Childcare and Subsidies for Child Education

    Free Childcare and Subsidies for Child Education

    Kids International is eligible to provide free childcare and educational subsidies. Any child aged 3 or older who has been officially identified as requiring childcare qualifies for this benefit.
    Owing to the varying subsidy criteria and amounts across local governments, kindly reach out to your municipality for specific details.

    *Excludes Nishikasai Center.

  • Extended Childcare Options

    Extended Childcare Options

    We offer flexible temporary childcare services (for a fee) in increments of 30 minutes. Pick-up and drop-off timings can be customized to accommodate parents’ work schedules and family requirements.
    This service takes place within an “English” environment and can serve as a venue for practicing the English skills learned in class. This is advantageous for enhancing your child’s English proficiency.

  • English Gaku-do Program

    English Gaku-do Program

    We offer an English Gaku-do Program tailored to elementary school students in the Gotanda and Musashi Kosugi centers.
    Engaging activities incorporating English are conducted, and homework support is provided. Complementing this with afterschool programs can enhance the efficiency of English language acquisition.

    *Service centers available in Gotanda and Musashi Kosugi.

  • Convenient Bus Transfer Services

    Convenient Bus Transfer Services

    Exclusive to the Gotanda and Higashiazabu areas, we provide bus transfer services.
    This convenient service is available during busy morning and afternoon hours, ensuring safe and responsible pickups and drop-offs by staff members.
    We implement triple checks and maintain thorough security measures within the bus to prevent unforeseen incidents.

    *Service centers available in Gotanda and Higashiazabu

  • Real-time Live Camera Access

    Real-time Live Camera Access

    In compliance with the “Measures to Prevent Sexual Violence Against Children” outlined in the “Japan version of the DBS Bill,” * approved by the Cabinet in March 24, Kids International ensures a safe environment for children.
    We conduct criminal record checks for sexual crimes during staff hiring and install live cameras in classrooms.
    This allows parents to observe their children’s safety and English lessons from outside the classroom.

    *Prevention of sexual violence against children, including teachers and childcare workers. A proposed bill mandates businesses to conduct background checks for sexual offenses.


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