At Kids International, we prioritize providing children with “opportunities to engage their five senses” through a variety of seasonal events. Our focus is on nurturing their interests and passions through diverse experiences beyond mere English language learning. Through these enriching activities, we strive to create an environment in which children can discover and wholeheartedly pursue their true passions.

  • April
    Parent Information Session

    parent Information Session

    At the start of the new year, we share school information with parents.

    We introduce the teachers and staff, explain the class content, and provide details about the teaching materials.

  • July
    Summer School

    Summer School

    Summer-themed events

    Engaging summer-themed events with original projects over four days. This popular event adds vibrancy to summer and draws participation from many children.

  • September
    Parent Visiting Day

    Parent Visiting Day

    An event to sense your child’s classroom progress

    A classroom event showcasing your child’s growth. This valuable opportunity allows parents to observe daily classes and is held for each class with widespread participation.

  • October
    Halloween Party

    Halloween Party

    An extremely popular annual party

    Annual Halloween festivities featuring fun costumes and Trick or Treating. Families can enjoy dressing up together and partake in Halloween-themed activities, such as haunted houses and games.

  • December
    Christmas Party

    Christmas Party

    A beloved Christmas event for Your Child

    A beloved Christmas event involving games, crafts, and delightful treats. This festive occasion welcomes a “special guest” to share presents and joy!

  • Winter School

    Winter School

    Concluding the year with a winter-themed events

    A winter-themed three-day event involving calendar creation and creative crafts fosters children’s creativity alongside the winter spirit.

  • March
    Spring School

    Spring School

    A delightful event to conclude the school year

    A cheerful year-end event that includes spring-inspired activities and engaging content for children to enjoy. It is a delightful celebration full of smiles, marking the arrival of spring and the new year.

  • Preschool/Preschool Plus Completion Ceremony

    Preschool/Preschool Plus Completion Ceremony

    A family-centered celebration of the children’s growth.

    We share their incredible journey through the year with teachers, staff, and parents rejoicing together. The ceremony honors children’s learning and progress.


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