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Operation under declaration of state of emergency

We appreciate your participation to Kids International.

On January 7th (Thu), the government is expected to announce a declaration of state of emergency. Considering that Kids International operating hours do not extend 8P.M and based on the government decision to not close the schools, we have decided to operate as usual. In order to provide a safe environment for children, we will conduct further infectious disease controls. We would like your cooperation and understanding.

English classes and childcare
  • When the declaration is announced, within the period (Jan7th-Jan31st), we will operate as usual.
  • To cooperate with the government request of not going outside after 8P.M, please refrain from using extend childcare.
About recess
  • We will not refund any monthly fees that have been already paid.
  • Any request for recess upon classes or childcare due to unavoidable reasons, please contact the center manager. (Recess fee of 25% of the monthly fee will be charged)
  • For any member taking a recess in January, it will be applied in the following month.
For detail concerning the above of questions, please contact the center manager.

January 6, 2021
Kids International
General Manager
Naomi Imamura

About infectious disease prevention

Kids International will conduct all of the facility operations taking into consideration safety issues and infectious disease controls. Please review the following measures and cooperate with us to provide a safe environment for your children.

Washing hands and sterilization
- Please use antiseptic sanitizer upon entering the facility.
- Wash hands when it is required (when entering classrooms, before coming back from outside, eating lunch and snack, after using toilets and finishing class)
- Disinfection of equipment (door knobs, handrails, tables, chairs, switches, etc.) with hypochlorous acid water, spraying inside class rooms.

Temperature measurements and confirmation of physical condition
Please refrain from using our facilities if the following applies to your child:
- If the fever exceeds 37.5 degrees.
- If your child has cold symptoms for over 4 days.
- If your child feels strong malaise, or listlessness.
- If your child is considered as a high-risk contacted person.
- If your family or acquaintance might be affected by Coronavirus.
- If you have travelled to countries which require observation periods after return, or have been in contact with people who come back from those countries (in the last 14 days).
- In the case of these cases apply with our staff, we make the staff stay at their home.

Cough etiquette
- Please bring their own masks to use the facility. Please wear mask when it’s necessary. Except for lunch and snack time, going to the park (to avoid the risks of heat stroke), and any situations to take off masks considering our operations.
- For parents, please wear masks when they drop off and pick up their children.
- Our staff will also wear masks when they are in the facilities.

- We will periodically ventilate our facilities by opening doors and windows.

Keeping social distance
- Kindly leave the facility promptly after dropping off or picking up your child to avoid overcrowding.
- We will take consideration to avoid overcrowding during lunch or snack time.

Other measures
- We inform parents to pick up your child if we notice they feel sick.
- Please use our facility within the business hours (9:00 ~ 18:00)
- Please note that we will close the facility should the government re-announce a Declaration of a State of Emergency.

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