2025 School Year Kindergarten Class Admission Opens!

2025 School Year Kindergarten Class Admission Opens!

“As a global citizen, not confined by any borders,
enhance the empowerment of children so that they lead joyful lives.”

気球 アイコン

Kids International is an international preschool and kindergarten that emphasizes the idea of “children’s affection,” while also fostering the ability to excel with confidence on the global stage. Since its establishment in 2003, its primary focus has been to ensure enriched and enjoyable experiences for children. We provide a fully immersive English environment that facilitates diverse encounters and acquisition of exceptional English proficiency.

Free Childcare and Subsidies for Child Education

Kids International is eligible to provide free childcare and educational subsidies.
Any child aged 3 years or older who has been officially identified as requiring childcare is qualified for this benefit.
Please visit the centers’ page to access the detail.



私たちが選ばれる理由 ナンバーアイコン1

Numerous Accomplishments with Exceptional English Proficiency

Backed by two decades of experience, affiliation with international schools, and numerous accomplishments

私たちが選ばれる理由 ナンバーアイコン2

Nurturing Individuality in a Truly Diverse Atmosphere

Cultivating a child’s unique individuality while engaging with diverse staff members and companions

私たちが選ばれる理由 ナンバーアイコン3

Exploring Interests Through a Rich Array of Sensory-stimulating Activities

Children discover their enthusiasm through year-round diverse activities

私たちが選ばれる理由 ナンバーアイコン4

Experts in Fostering Self-assurance with Professionalism

Qualified staff who prioritize each child’s distinctiveness, fostering self-assurance with professionalism.


Secure and convenient solutions for two-income families

  • 保育無償化対象施設 Free childcare and subsidies for child education
  • 延長預かり Extended childcare options
  • 学童サービス English Gaku-do program
  • バス送迎 Convenient bus transfer service
  • ライブカメラ Real-time live camera access



Our English classes have a dual purpose: to equip students with practical “authentic English” for global communication and to foster independent thinking and problem-solving skills.

  • Preschoolages 2 years 6 months to 4 years
  • KindergartenKindergarteners
  • After Schoolkindergarten children and older children


  • Enjoyable English learning for parents and children

    As newcomers to an English-speaking environment, both parents and children found joy in the daily exploration of new words and phrases. The experience of learning together was delightful, and now, we even enjoy watching movies and animations to continue our English learning journey in an enjoyable and interactive way.

    Parents of K.T (3 years old) Preschool
  • Developing social and cognitive skills through English learning

    After school, my child continues to engage in English conversations at home. The experience goes beyond language acquisition, also fostering skills in group learning, critical thinking, and interpersonal interactions.

    Parents of Y.F-chan (2 years old) First Adventure
  • Dedicated teachers nurturing individuality with joy

    Our initially shy child quickly grew fond of the school. The teachers’ approach, focusing on play-based learning rather than traditional lectures, made a lasting impression. Activities with teachers are cherished, and our child’s growth has been significant since joining the school. We are genuinely pleased with this positive transformation.

    Parents of R.O (4 years old) Preschool
  • The staff and teachers always welcome me with a smile, and I enjoy going to school.

    Our child joined the program upon entering kindergarten. The warm reception from the staff and teachers consistently brings a smile to our child’s face, making attendance a joy. The range of activities offered is rich and eagerly anticipated each year. Our child, who has a cousin living abroad, can now engage in simple everyday English conversations upon their return to Japan. We’ve also incorporated an English app at home to further exposure to the language.

    Parents of R.H (6 years old) After School 1-3
  • Every classroom is equipped with a webcam, which adds an extra layer of safety

    While it’s crucial for my child to enjoy learning English, what’s equally important is the cleanliness of the center and the kindness of the teachers. These factors give him peace of mind whenever I leave my child there. The presence of web cameras in each classroom is also a significant safety measure. I trust that my child is in good hands and I don’t need to watch all the time. This assurance is greatly appreciated, and I can check in anytime I want.

    Parents of R.C (1 year old) First Adventure


Our team comprises professionals from diverse backgrounds dedicated to nurturing children’s English language abilities and individuality.

  • Simon


    length of service
    Over 18 years
    United Kingdom
  • Tony


    length of service
    12 years
    United Kingdom
  • Joshua


    length of service
    3 years
  • Graham


    length of service
    6 years
    United Kingdom
  • Anna


    length of service
    16 years





For organizations seeking to deploy English instructors and curriculum materials

We offer a tailored curriculum and teaching materials specifically designed for English language learning. In addition, we are equipped to provide highly skilled Japanese English instructors with excellent teaching skills

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Please use the inquiry form for complementary trial lessons, requesting materials, and other inquiries.