Can we visit to observe classes and possible to have a trial?

Yes, we are more than happy to have you at any time during our business hours.  Please call us in advance to arrange your trial lesson.
Inquiry Center Information

Can we register as a member at any time?

Yes, you can enroll at anytime throughout the year, but classes may be closed to further enrollment once they have reached their capacity.

Can we be enrolled even one day a week or are there minimum days per week?

Yes, you may be enrolled even one day per week. You can choose your own pace and you can increase attendance days monthly. Members who wish for the efficient acquisition of English commonly choose 3 to 4 days per week.

Are brothers and sisters allow to be enrolled in a same class?

Yes, if their ages are appropriate for the class, there is a discount system for them.

Although it seems that there is a class of music or an art other than English, can we attend several classes? Is there any discount?

Of course, it is possible to commute to two or more classes. However, there is no discount. Class Information

What is the flow of enrollment?

First, please send us your inquiry and request for a trial lesson. The flow of enrollment

When we absent from a class, is there a possibility to take a make up class?

If you notify us prior to the day of absence, it is possible to attend make up class. However, we can not always guarantee if the alternative day is filled.

When I am absent for a long term, is there any adjournment?

If you will not be able to attend a class for an extended period of time, you must turn in the necessary documents by the 25th of the previous month with 25% of the monthly fee of your class that you will be missing and the full payment of the monthly fee of the month when you plan to return in order to reserve your place.

Is a bank account necessary for the payment of the fee?

We are in process of establishing monthly payments by bank account transfer. Please ask your center manager for the details about when it will change. We would like to ask for your cooperation with submitting the necessary documents.

Please let me know about an admission fee and a monthly fee.

Admission fee will be collected at the time of application. Monthly fees are due by the 27th of the previous month for the following month's classes.

Is there any chance of the tuition increase?

Every April, we revise our program and fees. Occasionally fees may be a subject to change.

Can we join in the class even though my child is still using dipers?

Yes, if you bring spare diapers.

When my child suffers from allergies or a chronic disease, can we enroll?

We would ask you to submit the document that informs us of the health situation of your child. If it is necessary to discuss about the issue, we would strive our best to find the solution.

Do you have catering lunch service?

Yes, please ask your center manager for the details.

Do you offer any class on Saturday?

Yes, some of our centers offer Saturday class.
Gotanda center Shirokanedai center Musashikosugi center Shinagawa center

What kind of activities do you offer?

We offer various activities. For example, music with movements, park time arts & crafts, group games, reading time, seasonal events of native English countries and more with well balanced structure.

Can guardians observe a class?

Children are usually distracted by guardians which tends to become an impediment to class operation. We have the live broadcasting cameras that allow you to see a state of your child in real time.

Do you have parking space?

No, we do not have any parking space except Tsukuba center.

How do you maintain class room hygiene?

Staff of all of our centers vacuum and wipe every day indeed, toys and other things that children may touch will be sterilized once a week.

Could you issue a letter of recommendation which is necessary for the international school examination?

Yes, your center manager will accept your request and will be able to issue it.